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Healing from

Chronic Dieting

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You started dieting in middle school, maybe high school or college. And at first it worked - you lost weight, friends and family noticed and complimented, you felt amazing! Maybe it was brief, or it lasted for a while. But of course nobody follows a diet forever. And eventually, the weight came back. As time went on you decided to try another diet! And this time it was a little harder. Maybe the weight was slower to come off, or you couldn't lose as much, or had to try much harder to lose the same amount. And this time, when the weight came back, you gained a little more. And the next time a little more. Yet you kept trying, feeling like a failure each time - others seem to be able to do this, why can't I?

I'm here to tell you - you are not the problem! Weight loss is a $71 billion dollar industry built on repeat customers. Don't you think we would all have the "perfect body" if it worked?

Side effects of dieting include:

  • Development of eating disorders or disordered eating

  • Food and body preoccupation

  • Weight cycling

  • Increased body dissatisfaction

  • Increased weight from baseline

If these side effects sound familiar, there is an alternative approach. I work with clients to unpack dieting and when appropriate incorporate strategies from Intuitive Eating and a Health at Every Size paradigm. My goal is to support clients in reconnecting with their body and learning how to truly care for themselves. You were made to do more with this life than pay taxes and lose weight!

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